We established a family-owned company in İstanbul in 2014 by employing our 15 years of knowledge, background and experience with the industry of catering equipment. We have set off as a key principle of producing cost-effective and high quality catering equipment.

Today, Koçel products are widely used in restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, shopping malls, dining halls, hospitals and schools. As a leading firm of the industry, we are producing products with high quality and state-of-the art design by analyzing the requirements of commercial enterprises.

We are designing customized trays with an extremely stylish look in specially designed molds for personal use. We are constantly growing and developing. The secret of our success: Low price; We undertake to supply high-quality service trays to all our customers at a lower price.

Our customer service receives new orders each day and our expert teams respond to each call and work diligently for meeting the requests and expectations of our customers. As a company, we are always listening to what our customers say and we are continuously developing with the feedback we receive. Our image and customer references in the industry are the biggest criterion for us. We are working with all our strength for maintaining this image.

Please welcome to get to know this power.